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Unblanding beauty
Consumers are holding tight to their optimism and finding creativity in the chaos. Enter the world of ‘unblanding’, where beauty shoppers tap into their playful sides and seek out fantastical experiences that stimulate the senses and spark joy in everyday life. From nostalgia to fun textures and color pops, it’s all about finding products that not only do the job but feel extra good while doing it.
Cool, fun, spontaneous: get to know The Eccentrics.

There’s a new cool-kid consumer in the beauty world—and they’re the ones smiling and celebrating every chance they get. Can your brand keep pace with the life of the party?

In the wake of lockdowns, these consumers have adopted a ‘seize the day’ mentality, determined to make up for lost time by living life to the fullest. From electrifying concerts to daring lip tints, They gravitate towards products and experiences that immerse them fully and bring out their best selves. With an insatiable appetite for new experiences, they’re on a constant quest for everyday pleasures that elevate their spirits and keep the good times rolling (Nelly Rodi).

Why should kids have all the fun?

Don’t grow up—it’s a trap. That’s the resounding mantra behind the rising “kidulting” trend.

Injecting doses of nostalgia and escapism into our daily routines, kidult packaging and beauty products are all about embracing a childlike sense of color, character, and playfulness. Consumers are gravitating towards these products for a sense of carefree joy and youthful exuberance, trading in the mundane for serotonin boosts and elated moments of self-care. Consumers of all ages are gleefully jumping on board, cherishing their connection to fun, sensorial play, and unabashed silliness. Brands can deepen their emotional bond with consumers by infusing their products with bold personality, delightful textures, and whimsical characters that spark joy. (Source: WGSN)

Beauty is more than what meets the eye

Beauty has evolved beyond mere function; now, it’s all about the experience. Does your brand have “feel appeal”?

In a world grappling with exhaustion and overwhelm, consumers crave products that not only enhance their physical appearance but also uplift their spirits. They’re moving away from basic beauty essentials, leaning towards multi-sensory indulgences that engage every facet of their being.

For these beauty aficionados, it’s about more than just a product—it’s an experience that delights, inspires, and renews. Brands need to tap into this desire for emotional and sensory engagement by offering a diverse range of experiences that evoke nostalgia, spark curiosity, indulge in tactile pleasures, ignite sensuality, and provide moments of pure joy (WGSN).

This trend is making skincare fun again

Skincare as self-care has been the status quo. But what if it was also about vibrancy, excitement, and a splash of drama? There’s been a dramatic shift from skincare’s serene beginnings, and it’s anything but boring.

Enter the era of ‘unblanding’, where skincare is undergoing a radical transformation with maximalist aesthetics and playful formats that infuse fun into functionality. Beauty brands are boldly breaking the mold, opting for eye-catching colours and daring shapes to stand out amidst the sea of neutrality on beauty shelves. This joyful revolution encourages consumers to embrace playfulness in their skincare routine, injecting feel-good energy into every step.From refillable bottles sporting captivating shapes and hues to forging emotional bonds with products and their ingredients, this trend is all about adding a vibrant twist to your skincare routine (WGSN).

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