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Say Goodbye to the Shelfie
Say good-bye to the #shelfie. Snaps of overflowing shelves and bottle-strewn vanities will be a thing of the past with 2022’s shift towards modern minimalism. Leading beauty forecasts show that “Supercharged Simplicity” is paving the way and early adopters are already embracing this uncomplicated approach to beauty with convenient and expertly crafted cosmetic-skincare hybrids (WGSN).
Less is more: The rise of Skinimalism

If your beauty products no longer spark joy (and are not extremely effective), it’s time to let them go. The Marie Kondo mentality has entered the beauty world in the form of “Skinimalism”, a pared-back approach to skincare that puts sustainability, efficacy, and transparency at the forefront of the modern beauty routine. Wellness-minded consumers are streamlining their daily rituals with multitasking products that eliminate the need for extra steps and superfluous products that end up half-used and destined for landfills.

The solution? Hybrid.

It’s time to tighten up your beauty lineup with highly concentrated hero products that do double (or triple) duty by merging key elements like cosmetic colour, skincare, and sun protection into one streamlined essential.
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78%of people

in an at-home beauty survey said they upgraded their beauty routine since the lockdown. The search for effective ingredients and hybrid skin-enhancing solutions continues to skyrocket.

Minimalism, But Make it Fun!

Creativity Shines with Playful Minimalism.

Minimalism doesn’t mean boring. Beauty lovers continue to put their creativity on full display with subtle facial embellishments and playful applications like soft metallics, glowy skin tints, sustainable glitter, and scintillating serums that shimmer when they catch the light (WGSN).

As we transition from lockdown to IRL, consumers will continue to experiment with fun and ecological ways to express themselves through beauty.

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Take a Bite Out of Beauty Snacking!

If you haven’t had a taste of “Beauty Snacking”, you’re in for a treat. Born out of the pandemic’s WFH environment, Beauty Snacking offers easy “bite-sized” beauty moments throughout the day. Consumers are seeking compact beauty formats that they can indulge in while on-the-go, travelling aboard, or quickly prepping for their next Zoom meeting—think nourishing wrinkle patches, quick under-eye treatments, and waterless skincare bars in flight-friendly sizes.

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