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A Tube Revolution
Once an indie gem and now a mainstream must-have, tubes offer unmatched adaptability, versatility, and durability for life on-the-go. Embraced by trendsetters and eco-enthusiasts alike, these sleek vessels align with fast-paced routines, sustainable ideals, and provide a truly unique product experience.
Tube Formats

Tube packaging is exploding onto the market, backed by a new wave of soaring demand: the global tube packaging market is projected to reach $17.9 billion by 2031.

As beauty companies seek more sustainable options, tube packaging has become an appealing option for its lightweight, mono-material capabilities. While easy-to-print plastic is a popular option, aluminium and metal tubes are also a go-to thanks to a premium feel and eco-friendly outlook (BeautyPackaging).

Twist, Click, Contour: Innovations in Tube Packaging

Tubes are moving beyond the basics to meet two competing demands: sustainability and clever innovation.Custom caps offer an elevated experience, with some products making use of a cold tip applicator, designed to provide a cold eye contour massage during application. This option is a perfect match for skincare products that facilitate a multisensory experience.

Tubes have also been paired with click-tops and twist-bottoms, designed to suit fast-paced lifestyles and functional makeup-skincare hybrids. These options are popular for their ability to dispense desired amounts of product, minimize waste and improve efficacy—so consumers get the most out of the brands they buy (WGSN).

Eco-Awareness In A Tube

Sustainable and functional, the aluminum tube is here. It complements the flexible lifestyles of on-the-go consumers with a durable, travel-friendly, format. This earth-conscious option garners favor among sustainably-minded consumers, leveraging the fact that 75 percent of historically produced aluminum is still in circulation today—making it a prime contender for circular production models.

As brands navigate their environmental footprint, attention to recyclable caps and tube squeezers for maximum product use must remain top-of-mind (WGSN).

Packaging For Effectiveness

Unlocking the max efficacy of skincare goes beyond the ingredients—it’s impacted by packaging, too. Potent players like retinol and Vitamin C become unstable when exposed to light and air, rendering glass jars unfit. To ensure a longer shelf life, these products must be packed in opaque, airless containers (a core opportunity for tubes).

If a product is to be stored in open jars and containers that make contact with skin, the formulator must take this into account. In addition, savvy customers are increasingly reaching for sustainable options and chemical-free materials—meaning skincare packaging plays a more important role than ever (Shape).

Tube Packaging Tips