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Anti- Perfectionist Makeup
This month we’re rejecting outdated beauty norms and embracing imperfections. Enter: anti-perfectionist makeup. From age-inappropriate beauty to products that spark unbridled self-expression, it’s time to step into a world of radical self-acceptance.
Radical Self-Love

It’s time to rewrite the beauty rulebook and usher in a new age of radical acceptance. Unattainable beauty standards and perfectionist ideals are out the window as modern beauty shoppers begin to reject quick fix “wellness washing” and the pursuit of perfection, releasing themselves from the guilt that comes with it.

Beauty brand marketing needs to remain extremely mindful and avoid promising cure-alls, inciting guilt trips, or using mental health issues as a platform to sell beauty and wellness products (WGSN).


Age is just a number

Age is just a number, and that’s especially true for the beauty world today. Aging generations are halting past attempts to stop time as “anti-aging” drops on the priority list, replaced with age positivity and acceptance.

For brands, this looks like beauty with a deep understanding of maturing skin—whether it’s skincare that nourishes and embraces the complexion and texture changes that comes with getting older, or inclusive cosmetics like crease-proof eye makeup. Beauty should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter your age (WGSN).

Meet the Eccentrics

Joyous, forward-thinking, resourceful. Sound like you? Then you’re likely in the rising cohort of conscious consumers we like to call “The Eccentrics”. This group seeks out happiness and spontaneity in everyday life—but not without thinking of people and the planet first.

Their intuition toward alternative growth leads them to repair, reuse, and restore in a pattern of endless circularity. Inclusivity is their MO and “all are welcome” is the reigning mentality. This breakthrough mindset has woven its way into their beauty choices, too.

Conditions like acne or body hair that were previously perceived as taboo are now embraced as markers of individuality, and makeup is a creative outlet for uninhibited self-expression (NellyRodi).

Ushering in Unbridled Self-Expression

Pop open your brightest eyeshadow palette and get the glitter flowing—2023 is all about unbridled self-expression. Colour cosmetics continue to rise in a post-pandemic world and beauty lovers are eager to flex their artistry and experiment with the industry’s latest innovations.

From exploring many different fragrances (goodbye, “signature scent!”) to testing out temporary injectables and going full-glam with face gems, it’s time to crush outdated beauty norms and let your creativity run free (Harper’s Bazaar).


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