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Putting The 'No' In Normal
Self-love is today’s beauty anthem as consumers embrace imperfections. Unapologetic self-expression is rising, ‘flaws’ have become flawsome, and minimal has officially been swapped for all things maximal. Let’s dive in.
Keeping up with diversity in beauty

North America is considered a melting pot, its three key beauty markets (United States, Canada and Mexico) are home to diverse cultures, styles and trends — meaning the fast-paced beauty industry needs multiple approaches to cater to consumer preferences.

US beauty consumers are trendy and eager, increasing their focus on skin health and lazy beauty solutions. Canadian consumers are focused on health and wellbeing, leaning towards products that foster more care for themselves and the environment. Mexico’s beauty scene holds heritage at its heart, fusing modern day designs with traditional practices and local ingredients (WGSN).


Gen Z is boldly imperfect- and they want brands to be, too

Gen Z’s aesthetic is imperfect and bold, never shy in its loud and colourful demeanour.

The brands that resonate with Gen Z are the ones that are not talking down to them — instead, favoured brands speak to how they communicate online, whether through humorous imagery or being a little bit self-effacing. The TikTok aesthetic means never taking yourself too seriously, and this boldness represents the Gen Z outlook (Glossy).


Perfectly imperfect

Social media is shifting. Users are stripping back the filters and keeping it real, ushering in a new era of hyperrealism and creating demand for products that embrace imperfections.

While topics like pimple popping, ingrown hairs, and sweat were once too embarrassing to discuss, brands are no longer shying away from those conversations — and consumers are actively seeking solutions for products that put a name to the issue (WGSN).



The era of self-care means radical self-love and self-acceptance. Flaws have become flawsome.

Consumers are finding power in their imperfections and embracing what makes them unique and different, whether it is from a physical, spiritual, or neurological point of view. Take inspiration from this renewed appreciation for every bit of the self (BeautyStreams).


Make room for unapologetic self-expression

Beauty is facilitating unbridled experimentation with self-expression this year. Colour cosmetics will bounce back, multipurpose products are on the rise, and completely new looks will emerge.

High-impact products that require little skill, but allow expression of emotions through innovative looks, will resonate. This experimentation will extend to categories like perfume, where ‘signature scents’ are out in favour of scents forming the fluidity of the different roles we play. The rigid conventions of beauty will continue to be challenged, with fantasy, not perfection, at the forefront (Harper’s Bazaar).

Beauty priorities in North America: