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Beauty and the Microbiome
The beauty industry is magnifying microbiome beauty. As concerns surrounding sensitive skin and fragile skin barriers grow, consumers are turning their attention to the unseen microorganisms that play a crucial role in skin health. These microbiome-conscious shoppers are opting for products that protect and nurture their skin's natural flora. Ready to take a closer look? Let's go under the microscope.
Meet your microbiome

Overloaded with beauty buzzwords? This one is worth paying attention to. ‘Microbiome’ is the talk of the skincare community—and savvy brands are taking note. Your skin is a bustling ecosystem of microorganisms collectively known as the microbiome. When this delicate balance is disturbed by harsh products, cosmetics, stress or lifestyle factors, these tiny organisms disrupt the moisture barrier—wreaking havoc as they cause dry, itchy, and dull skin. The key to radiant skin? Balance. Modern skincare brands are on a mission to help your microbiome thrive, ensuring these tiny protectors keep your skin healthy and glowing (Eminence Organics).

Microbiome beauty boom

Conscious customers are scrutinizing what lies on the skin’s surface, paying close attention to their skin’s diverse microflora and microbiome as a whole. Since 2018, microbiome beauty has surged in popularity, recently sparking a fresh wave of innovation. From scalp health to personal care, brands are now focusing on microbiome-friendly testing, messaging, and certification to better serve the #sensitiveskin community with soothing solutions (WGSN).

Breaking (and repairing) barriers

Sensitive skin is evolving into a hot-button beauty topic, especially when it leads as the number one skin concern in Asia. Emerging solutions, targeted formulations and below-the-neck innovations are empowering customers to swap harsh products with gentle alternatives that focus on repairing, strengthening, and protecting the skin’s natural flora. The dialogue has shifted, too: ‘barrier repair’ is no longer a niche issue, but a major focus in skincare routines for consumers everywhere (WGSN).

Personalization of microbiome care

A person’s microbiome consists of trillions of unique microorganisms—so how can cosmetic companies create products that work for everyone? The latest wave of microbiome beauty presents a new challenge to the skincare industry: how do we personalize products to suit everyone’s skin? Fortunately, certain molecules benefit most people’s skin and microbiome. Probiotics, which are live microorganisms, and post-biotics, the molecules they produce, are crucial to maintaining healthy skin. This means brands must prioritize the microbiotic balance in every gel, cream, and jar (L’Oréal).


Considering the microbiome in beauty