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Meta Face
It’s time to get your meta face on: makeup is journeying into the world of Web 3.0. A beautyverse is emerging throughout our digital realities, and strategic partnerships between our online and offline realms are ever evolving. Get ready to ride the seamless wave between our physical and digital realities.
Get your meta face on

Don’t fear the metaverse. It’s a term that describes any digitally created space where we partake in many of the things we do in the real world: shop, learn, work, and form meaningful relationships.

As technology takes hold of our reality, our digital personas will become increasingly relevant. Personal avatars will be integral to the metaverse experience, and just like IRL, appearances play a part. As a means for creativity and self-expression, beauty will stay prevalent across all realms, from physical to digital and the blurred lines in between (BeautyStreams).



Let's get metaphysical!

We’re on a new wave of togetherness, kickstarted by the pandemic and revolutionized by 2023’s meta-everything mindset—and it means we no longer need close physical proximity to feel connected.

We extend our existence into digital realities through gaming and streaming services, and we maintain our social interactions over the web.

From technology that allows us to watch movies with others, to beauty filters applied on video chat, human interaction is transforming in the digital realm—and the beauty industry must come along for the ride (BeautyStreams).

Hyper real effects

The metaverse empowers creators to imagine—and bring to life—concepts that are beyond physical possibility.

Fantasy is shaping the ideas within our digital playground, where real-world restrictions don’t exist. Colour effects created digitally go beyond what we see in the real world, and multidimensional art puts a new spin on personal beauty. Hyper-real visual effects are pushing the limits and bringing the unexplored to life (WGSN).


Brands in the beautyverse

If the world goes digital, what happens to beauty? Innovative brands are experimenting with the answer, signaling the start a cosmetic industry revolution.

Beauty brands are stepping into the metaverse to explore partnerships with digital powerhouses, including gaming companies, creators, streamers, and influencers. Cosmetics companies are utilizing NFT technology, while AR and VR-enabled brand experiences are rising.

Consumers can expect to test hair colours, beauty tools and makeup combinations through the virtual capabilities of the metaverse (Beauty Matter). Strategic partnerships between our physical and digital realms will bring the beautyverse to life in unexpected ways (The Stack World).