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Holistic Skincare
At Cosmetica, we are exploring industry opportunities that can benefit the brain; how overstimulation is transforming our shopping habits; and pinpoint where the realms of beauty and spirituality collide.
Whole-listic Beauty

Can beauty help lower stress and anxiety? The whole-istic self says yes.

Here are three key ways beauty brands are taking a holistic approach to product experiences.

Beauty sleep: Reduces stress hormone cortisol and boosts melatonin, putting our skin into self-repair mode. While brands can’t bottle a good night’s slumber, overnight beauty and skincare products are becoming the next best thing, encouraging rest without sacrificing a beneficial self-care routine.

Mindful moments: Disconnection balances the stress caused by our constant connected state, and self-care experiences are one way to switch off. Skincare products that provide a luxurious, elevated experience—beyond merely the benefits to the skin—offer a soothing way to unwind.

Nostalgia: Another mega mood-booster? Nostalgia. Strolling down memory lane can improve mood and stimulate inspiration and motivation. Product design and packaging inspired by decades past can spark feel-good reminiscing as consumers seek beauty items that connect to their inner child and ignite joy (BeautyStreams).

Wellness: beyond skin deep

If it’s healthy, they will come. Trends show an uptick in skincare product launches featuring heath-focused ingredients like probiotics.

Patent activity demonstrates the beauty and personal care industry’s shift towards natural antibacterial active ingredients, for example: offering a way to combat acne without any side effects like disrupting the skin barrier (Mintel).


Shopping that soothes the senses

Future consumers will reach for products, services, and shopping methods that soothe the senses and prevent triggers that overwhelm.

Click-and-collect and rapid delivery reduce the need to enter highly stimulating shops, making speed and seamless ordering essential. It’s also time to rethink hangtags, as sustainability and authentication details will become value-drivers that lead to sales. ‘Age well’ is a priority boasting many white-space opportunities in beauty (WGSN).

Beauty: A spiritual journey

It’s time to get back to basics. A purist approach to life and consumerism is on the rise, driven by values of conscientiousness, eco-design, ethics, and the reuse of materials.
The cosmetics industry shares this ambition by developing holistic wellbeing products, often genderless, simplified, and ergonomic. Spirituality has also entered the beauty realm through self-care rituals. The notion of purity arises through purified packaging, simple formulations, and ancestral raw materials with a sensorial experience.

The takeaway? Natural, simplified skincare will never go out of style. To appeal to these values, brands should continue to put the physical and mental health of their customers at the forefront (NellyRodi).