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It's official: the magic of maximalism is back in. Get ready to dazzle with beauty that brightens the day—whether it's your complexion, your mood, or both. The secret? ‘Glimmers’—those delightful moments woven into every aspect of the product experience. Here’s how your brand can captivate the bold and the beautiful.
Why 'Glimmers' Are the New Happiness Hack We All Need in Our Life

In a world tired of being triggered, ‘glimmers’ are the spark of light we all need. Glimmers are the fleeting moments of happiness that brighten our days—whether it’s sharing a laugh with a friend or savoring that perfect first sip of morning coffee. Set to become the go-to coping mechanism in 2026, glimmers offer a refreshing counterbalance to emotional turbulence. 

For brands, the magic lies in embedding these delightful moments in unexpected places, capturing customers who cherish micro-moments of joy. It could be a soothing daily ritual like a face mask, a motivational quote on packaging that brings a smile, or a product with a calming, cooling effect. At the heart of it all is the pursuit of happiness, making these glimmers an essential part of everyday life (WGSN).

The Future of Beauty is Bright—And Very, Very Bold

The Future of Beauty is Bright—And Very, Very Bold

In the coming years, ‘bold’ will become the ultimate compliments as a new wave of maximalist aesthetics take over the beauty realm. Imagine vibrant eyeshadows, exaggerated blush, and costume-inspired makeup looks becoming an everyday style statement. Colour-rich cosmetics and high-coverage applications will be the go-to products for beauty enthusiasts who crave vibrant expression and daring styles. The future of beauty is all about embracing the bold and the bright—and it’s going to be fabulous (WGSN)!


The Secret to Making Your Product Go Viral

Want your product to top the A-List? Here’s how you can turn it into a coveted status symbol.

As thrill-seekers crave glimmers and everyday users seek to infuse more fun into their routines, products and brands offering new features and delightful additions will stand out. Take inspiration from a top-trending beauty brand that created a phone case with a molded slot for their signature lip gloss. These unexpected details—like playful minis, unique textures and scents, or groundbreaking packaging designs—can catapult your product to viral status (WGSN).

3 tips to make your brand stand out