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      What services do you offer?
      • Custom formula and packaging development
      • Regulatory services
      • Micro, analytical and product testing
      • Diverse manufacturing capabilities
        • Fill and assembly
        • Bulk batching
        • Bundling and kitting
      • Full turnkey
      What kind of products do you manufacture?

      Colour Cosmetics
      Foundation, primer, concealer, face powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner (liquid and cream), eyeshadow, mascara, brow, lip balm, lipstick, lip gloss

      Skin Care
      Cream, serum, oil, lotion, scrub, mask, cleanser, spray

      Hair Care
      Serum, oil, cream, wax, mask

      Personal Care
      Hand sanitizer, liquid soap, lotion, cream, scrub, oil

      What certifications do you have?

      FDA and Health Canada licensed, ISO certified.

      We are part of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) initiative and we participate in Ecovadis audits.

      We do not conduct or authorize any animal testing on our products. Our raw materials comply with the requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulations (EC) No. 1223/2009 and its amendments regarding the ban on animal testing for cosmetic purposes.