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Conscious Beauty
It’s time to give “clean beauty” a clean sweep. No longer accepted as a buzzy marketing word, consumers are demanding that “clean” carries its weight—without the fearmongering and vague, unsubstantiated claims. This means flipping the script on dubious product safety statements, and only natural-is-good narratives, to an all-encompassing conscious beauty movement.
Putting our planet first

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Planet-friendly ingredients are the foundation of conscious formulas, including natural preservatives and plant-based silicone alternatives that give beauty lovers the results they desire without harming the environment (WGSN).

Upcycled ingredients from food wastage are also moving from niche to mainstream as a viable solution to supply chain issues and the looming concerns of food waste

8-10%of global greenhouse gas emissions

It is what the UN estimates that food wastage alone contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions (WGSN).

Planet-friendly packaging

It’s time to scrap one-and-done single-use packaging. For today’s conscious consumers, refillables and planet-friendly components are the new status quo. The global green packaging market is expected to skyrocket to $385 billion by 2028 (WGSN).

Refill stations, packaging return programs (think lipstick empties), clearly labelling disposal directions, and eliminating single-use packaging like makeup wipes, sheet masks, or tiny sample sachets will help offset the beauty waste cycle (Vogue).

Another innovative take on sustainable design: keepsake packaging. Brands are using high-quality, long-lasting materials like ceramic, glass, and metal to create opulent components that bring customers little moments of luxury throughout their day (WGSN).