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Next Gen Inclusivity
As we break away from tired stereotypes, the concept of masculinity is seeing a major shift. Male consumers are moving past outdated ideologies and reshaping the definition of what it means to be a man in the 2020s. This means brands can reach men in categories that were previously ‘out of bounds’, such as makeup, skincare, and wellness (WGSN).

As men rewrite the rulebook on masculinity, brands and retailers are empowered to embrace self-care, the importance of family, and a softer, emotionally engaged approach to male beauty and grooming (WGSN). Brands are normalizing makeup for men with inclusive formulas and cosmetic-skincare hybrids, appealing to Gen Z as the most gender-fluid generation (WGSN).

In tandem with male beauty, gender-fluid beauty is on the rise. Beauty brands—and society—are rejecting the concept of male vs. female in favor of genderless products and a more inclusive point of view (BeautyStreams).

Treat Gen Z right, or another brand will.

Gen Z buyers know what they want from a beauty brand: sustainability, inclusivity, and a versatile means of self-expression. And they’re not afraid to ask for it. This cohort is ultra-conscientious and will speak up for their beliefs—and they will absolutely put their money where their mouth is.

Gen Z is calling for transparency, authenticity, and eco-friendly practices in the brands they buy from. A lack of brand loyalty means Gen Z consumers will freely jump ship if a brand’s values don’t align with their views on sustainability or inclusivity (WGSN). Creativity is a major part of Gen Z’s beauty routine, with these consumers seeing makeup and beauty products as an artistic and emotional experience, not just a means of achieving ‘perfection’ (WGSN).


Age is just a number.

Never-ending Zoom meetings fueled by the pandemic have boosted the demand for anti-aging benefits as consumers seek ways to ‘perfect’ their digital appearance (WGSN). Beauty buyers are seeking science-backed anti-aging products, appealing to a self-care generation with retinol, collagen, antioxidants, vitamin C, hyaluronic acids and peptides (WGSN).

‘Age-inappropriate’ beauty is on the rise. Millennials and Gen Xers are increasingly reaching for expressive applications that fall outside traditional ‘age acceptable’ norms. Age positivity is growing, powered by “gran-fluencers” and those who think outside dated age-norm dogmas.


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