Cosmetica Laboratories INC.


Research & Innovation (R&I), Product Development (PD) and Process Engineering

Working in harmony, our R&I and PD teams balance creativity and technical knowledge to create some of the most unique products in the marketplace. We pride ourselves on our ability to interpret our customer’s specific wants and needs, making their vision a reality. Combining extensive knowledge of the market, industry trends and technical expertise our PD and R&I teams offer a diverse range of development and support services:

  • Custom product formulation
  • Regular Trend and Core Category Presentations
  • Packaging Development/Sourcing
  • Active Ingredient trends/Market Intelligence
  • Process Engineering/Piloting Services (Technical Resource Group TRG)
  • Regulatory Services
  • Stability/Compatibility Testing

Our PD and R&I teams create innovative and inspirational trend presentations, showcasing fully customizable market-ready products that help to fulfill the dreams of our clients exceeding the needs of the marketplace in performance, texture and quality. The majority of our business is born from these inspirational presentations that we deliver to our clients on a regular basis.

Our teams are well versed in the latest in global market trends, as industry trade shows, social media and inspirational trips are a crucial part of our approach to innovation.

Our R&I team is a key investment and priority for the Company. Consisting of highly educated and experienced scientists from different areas of the Cosmetic /Personal Care Industry, their unique skills and expertise allow our laboratories to create thousands of new and innovative formulations each year.

Our TRG (Technical Resource Group) supports our R&I group in developing processes from initial concept to commercialization of the final product. TRG compare all potential processes and choose the best solution to deliver a high quality product which also fits the budgetary needs of our clients. In addition, the TRG lend their expertise to acquiring the latest in equipment technology to allow for the most reliable and effective innovation in new product executions.

The collaborative efforts of these three teams allow us to provide our clients with innovative, market-ready products. As the cornerstone of our innovation strategy, they help to set us apart as the go-to manufacturer for leading brands in the cosmetic industry.