Cosmetica Laboratories INC.

Position: Quality Line Leader

Position Status: Full-Time

Shift: Afternoon Shift & Night Shift


  • To support the Business Unit Leader(s) in areas of safety, quality, GMP, productivity etc.,
  • To ensure the quality of finished products by in-process line inspection and testing according to customer requirements and product specifications.
  • The Quality Line Leader will perform their duties of assuring conformance to client requirements throughout the entire filling and packing process.
  • Work in partnership with the Production department area supervisor/leader and QA department




  • Follows safety rules and regulations at all times.
  • To ensure that the line that they are responsible is cleared for safety prior to start-up.
  • Ensures that Line employees attend monthly safety communication i.e., safety talks as provided by Supervisor.
  • Uses the huddles to communicate safety issues as instructed by supervisor.
  • Ensures that any sub-standard safety deficiencies in their area/Line are corrected. Stop the line until corrected.
  • Advise a line worker of sub-standard safety behavior they observe and report to the supervisor if worker fails to promptly correct.
  • Attends prescribed safety training programs required by the company.


  • Checks work orders against product specifications to ensure accuracy and completeness referring to Client Specifications and master Filling & Packing Specifications (MFPS).
  • Checks, records and conducts inspections of C & S records, components and bulk before verification of lines advising area supervisors of any non-conformances to be addressed.
  • Performs line clearance, approval of product and line set up before line start-up.
  • Ensures entire team is aware of expectations of finished goods before line starts by conducting a complete line huddle and setting line standards against the approved QA Master Standard.
  • Performs regular inspections of in-process and final assembly of goods (attribute checks), according to AQL requirements, required frequency, number of samples to be checked and deeming product passed / rejected based on the Accept/Reject criteria of the AQL sampling plan.
  • Completes and maintains inspection records / documents for in-process and finished goods attribute checks.
  • Performs routine quality audits (spot checks) on the lines to ensure the continuity of quality standards after the line has been cleared, verified and started.
  • Identifies and records any product quality issues and initiate on the spot root cause analysis and corrective and preventive measures to be put in place on the line immediately to prevent recurrence of the reported issue (s).
  • Provides quality direction for line workers.
  • Initiate and / or make suggestions to improve the quality of work processes and / or product
  • Co-ordinates online rework.
  • Ensures compliance with established GMP, SIP, Housekeeping and practices
  • Reviews line Batch Production Records (BPRs) for completeness before being handed in for QA review and filing.
  • Collects internal and Client samples by following sampling guidelines and submits samples.


  • Coordinates flow of work orders for the line, communicates with Lead Hands on completion of orders and requests for next order.
  • Ensure lines run to target efficiencies.
  • Ensure LED lights are calculated hourly.
  • Ensure all Returns are properly counted and identified.
  • Ensure barriers are on the lines where required.
  • Ensure visual ‘On schedule’ and ‘Not on schedule indicator’ is posted on the yellow tray.
  • Ensure visual full/partial master box card indicator is on line.
  • Ensure lines are running neat and organized at all times.
  • Ensure everyone on line is following company policies (respect/language/focus on the job).
  • Ensure lines start on time after break and lunch.
  • Coordinate assembly rotation changes.
  • Ensures timely communication of line and people issues (safety, quality, downtime etc.) to the Supervisor or Manager. Ensures correct and timely completion of the production documents
  • Performs scheduled in process checks (SPC & Seal Test )
  • Makes sure that all filling parameters are recorded, if required.



Education and Training

  • Diploma or Bachelor of Science Degree (B. Sc.) in a related discipline preferred or demonstrated experience


  • A minimum of three (3) years related hands-on experience in a manufacturing environment, preferably cosmetics or pharmaceutical quality control.
  • Experience as a team leader and/or lead head in a manufacturing environment an asset.

Required Skills & Abilities

  • Keen attention to detail
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and organize and prioritize quality line requirements
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent team player
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work in a fast paced manufacturing environment
  • Very observant with quality-conscious mindset
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to change
  • Focus on process control rather than inspection

*Accommodation: If you advise us of any special requirements, Cosmetica will do our best to provide accommodation for persons with disabilities.