Cosmetica Laboratories INC.


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Our Unique & Diverse Workforce

Toronto is widely known as one of the most culturally diverse cities in all of North America! Cosmetica embraces this diversity, as our workforce represents a dynamic mix of cultures. Having such a varied workforce means every employee comes with a different set of skills, experiences and knowledge that adds immense value to our Company. At Cosmetica we welcome new ideas and perspectives in order to ensure that we are bringing the highest quality and most innovative products to market.

Team Culture

At Cosmetica we celebrate all of our successes with each other! We work to create a culture that celebrates team work and helps to keep our employees engaged! Our Social Committee is always coming up with new ways to reinforce our team spirit!

Cosmetica works to foster an environment that is supportive, with a keen focus on growth and positivity. At Cosmetica, you are always part of the team. Despite the demands of our fast paced work environment, we believe that our employees should have a healthy balance between the demands of work and home. We care and work hard to support our team.



We believe that one of the key fundamentals to professional growth is to give our people the ability to learn and develop their skills. We provide programs internally and externally that allow for our employees to continually expand their knowledge and experiences. At Cosmetica, promoting from within is very important as we realize we are growing with our employees.